Monday, January 19, 2009

We are a FAMILY..

Not only just a club or an organization, but we also are a family. As a family we have fun...and we have joy together. We try to build a strong relationship among our members. For the first trip that we had together at the beginning of this semester, we have no opportunity to bring all members of PSSGMUTP. However, we will try to organize some event such as family day to make sure our relationship among us become much more stronger and every member of this club can participate.

Happy Birthday...!!

All members of PSSGMUTP want to wish happy birthday to those members who born in January. We wish you all the best in your life and best of luck. Hope you will enjoy in this life and happy ever after.

Happy birthday to:

1. Abdul Wafiy bin Abdul Karim (15th Jan 1990)
2. Nurul Ashikin binti Shahroni(17th Jan 1989)
3. Fawwaz bin Fuat(20th Jan 1990)
4. Che Mohd Bukhari bin Che M.Razali(22nd Jan 1990)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Save The Palestine....

16 Jan 2009,
On 16th jan 2009, University Technology of PETRONAS organized a peace demonstration to against Israel. PSSGMUTP also joined in this event to show that we also disagree with Israel. We have worked together as a team before the demonstration day to make a banner for that purpose. We hope that our contibution in this event will bind pssgmutp's member together and aware with what had happened all over the world nowadays.
"Stop the killing...Save the Palestinians...Down the Israel.."